The Lumenis UltraPulse Encore with SurgiSuite combines the best in CO2 laser technologies and offers a very innovative approach to laser surgery. It integrates char-free pulse energy and the SurgiSuite user interface and scanner system. No other CO2 laser matches its flexibility, precision, control or efficacy.

Suitable for a number of different specialties including aesthetics, gynecology, neurosurgery, ENT and general surgery, this laser is useful in a broad range of clinical applications and provides superior patient outcomes.



Laser Type: CO2
Wavelength: 10,600 nm
Power: Up to 80 Watts
Aiming Beam: 630nm, <5mW max
Weight: 280 lbs
Delivery: Articulated Arm, Scanning Handpiece
Smoke Evacuator: Xplume system (optional)

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