GreenLight XPS Laser System

The GreenLight XPS offers increased speed and efficiency in the treatment of BPH (Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia) and other urological conditions.

With increased power and liquid cooled fibers that offer a wider laser beam area, it removes double the tissue in the same amount of procedure time. It also provides improved coagulation by using pulsating light to cauterize ruptured vessels and reduce bleeding. Like the HPS, it offers TURP-like control over Vaporization/Coagulation and Ready/Standby modes.


Laser Type: Solid State, Frequency Doubled
Wavelength: 532 nm
Power: 180 Watts
Vaporization Beam Mode: Quasi-CW (15kHz-22 kHz)
Coagulation Beam Mode: Pulse modulated at 12 Hz
Weight: 420 lbs
Dimensions: 20” W x 36” D 43.5” H

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