Alcon PurePoint

The PurePoint 532 nm laser provides a unique combination of features for ophthalmic procedures. With the assurance of voice confirmation technology, the versatility of a multifunction foot pedal, the ease of use with built-in RFID and the efficiency of dual laser attachments, this laser provides surgeons with the ultimate level of control.

Voice confirmation technology includes notification of parameter changes as well as laser accessory insertions including endoprobe, LIO, slit lamp and protection filters. The multifunction foot pedal gives surgeons control of standby to ready as well as power settings. It also features customizable side switches. RFID technology automatically recognizes the type of device being connected and laser device settings are automatically loaded. The increased efficiency of dual laser ports allows multiple device connections and reduces switching time.



Laser Type: Diode-pumped, frequency-doubled, solid state laser
Wavelength: 532 nm
Exposure Duration: 10 ms -2000 ms + CW
Aiming Beam: Red diode laser
Weight: 23 lbs

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