Extending Access to Exceptional Therapies.

For the past 25 years, HealthTronics has offered exceptional, minimally invasive, mobile medical therapies for clinically sophisticated applications, when and where they’re needed.

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Flexibility for facilities.

As a leading provider of mobile solutions, HealthTronics offers facilities everything necessary to care for their patients using the best possible technologies. Working with HealthTronics you have access to the following:





lithotripsy procedures performed annually



average years experience for a HealthTronics lithotripsy technologist



managed physician partnerships



mobile systems



cryotherapy procedures per year

Helping your physician provide better care.

HealthTronics, Inc. is a service company that helps your physician provide the best care possible. Though we may be in the background, you can appreciate the results we help deliver.

Extending access to exceptional therapies.

HealthTronics was formed more than 25 years ago by a group of urologists looking for a better way to improve economics, while still providing the best possible care for their patients. We discovered that through partnerships and specialization we are able to make new technologies accessible to physicians and hospitals to treat their patients. As the health care landscape evolved, we did too. Today, HealthTronics offers a broad array of minimally invasive, mobile medical therapies for clinical applications, when and where they’re needed.

Health care facilities throughout the U.S. have access to minimally invasive mobile medical therapies through HealthTronics.

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